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Attention Women Of Destiny,

This is a trumpet call to all of you that know there is so much more for you walk out.  For years you have gone through the motions & done what you thought you should but deep down have known that you were born for more.  If you have been stuck playing safe, done nothing because of confusion or have been busy doing things but still feel unfulfilled - this is for you! 


*** Replays will be available for all sessions if you cannot make it Live.


Joseph Wilson

Joseph Wilson founder of Fuse Life, is a radical, Jesus loving, Son of God whose mission in life is to mobilise people into their purpose. He is the husband to beautiful Kirsten, father to Adelle, Zayah & Nia, an entrepreneur & a coach to world changers.

Joseph believes that the solution to all the world’s problems lies in the divine design of each unique individual. He has dedicated his life to this cause.  He helps people unlock the gold within them and is coaches them to become the person their dream requires.

Sandi Krakowski

Sandi is a passionate lover of Jesus.  She is real, raw and is walking in her unique expression fulfilling what God has designed her to do‼️
Since making her first million by 30 years old she has now built a $20 million dollar empire. 

She has been named by Forbes as a “Top 20 Online Marketing Influencer,” “Top 20 Women Social Media Influencer” and a “Top 50 Social Media Power Influencer” Her vision is to help people create an extraordinary life, business and income with ordinary tools used both online and offline. She is a true ANOMALY 🔥

Keri Lehmann

Founder of Made To Become, Keri is walking in her divine calling as one who draws the beauty out of others. Her journey through cosmetology and starting Savvy Boheme Preeminent Skin Care, helped her get to this place.

Keri is a vision builder who helps people unlock the bigger vision of their life and how to start moving towards it.  Her heart is to help you
 prosper in the Kingdom, and bring great glory to our King, just as the Lord planned from the very beginning.

Dr Darlene Mayo

Darlene is a neurosurgeon and a neuroscientist who is passionate about helping world changers get breakthrough in their health, businesses and relationships. She uses innovative tools in brain science, to help people achieve their potential and fulfil their destinies. Having practiced for 10 years, conducted research for the last 20 years, Darlene is certified as an executive educator, is an acclaimed international speaker & author of four books.

She founded AVUCA MD, PLLC, a consulting company whose focus is on teaching you how to use strategies in brain science to maximize their physical health, mental clarity, and emotional intelligence.  The goal is to transform the world’s systems to bring health, hope, and freedom to all people.


  •  EXPLORE the God dream in your heart
  • ​DISCOVER the Power to break through
  • ​CREATE  a Blueprint of next steps to your Purpose
This will be a powerful four day experience filled with activations, strategies and other tools to forge an ongoing inner transformation. 
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